The Solution to Your Quest For Non-Toxic Pottery

Made Right here in the USA at Emerson Creek Pottery

Lead-Free, Cadmium-Free and Eco-Friendly – We Want to Tell You All About It!

All of our pottery is:

Every piece of pottery we make is Lead and Cadmium Free and Non-Toxic, including all of the clays, glazes and any paints used for decorating. Everything is Dishwasher, Oven and Microwave-Safe.

Are you troubled by the importation of toxic housewares from China and other foreign countries? Concerned that buying mass-produced factory products may not only be unsafe for your family, but also, may be supporting unethical sweatshop labor? Have you made a decision to support American industry whenever you can because you know it improves the economy in which your family lives? Do you feel great respect and longing for the kind of artisan quality that was once the hallmark of American housewares, but is now so tough to find?

If you’re nodding your head to any of the above, the potters at Emerson Creek Pottery share your wise values. Since 1977, our Virginia-based company has been creating beautiful, US-made, non-toxic, cadmium-free, lead-free pottery including bakeware, dinnerware and serveware. It is created with traditional, historic pottery techniques that result in elegant, durable housewares that you know are safe to use.

Safety is something that has become especially important over the past decade, with poorly made and toxic products flooding our marketplaces at never-before-seen rates. We firmly believe that you and your family deserve better goods than this, and we are committed to providing you with eco-friendly pottery for baking, dining and decorating that you can feel truly good about.


a checklist for the reasons why emerson creek pottery is an eco-friendly option. reasons include: Made in the USA Lead-Free/Cadmium Free Made of Natural, Earth-Friendly Materials Shipped in Recycled Fiber Boxes Non-Toxic Made by Humans Packed in Ranpack Recycled Paper Padding We Never Mass Mail our Catalogs



10 Green Reasons To Choose Emerson Creek Pottery For Your Home

1) All of our ceramic pottery is lead-free, cadmium-free and non-toxic. The paints and clays we use are totally safe for you and your family.

2) Our non-toxic pottery is crafted by American potters here in our Virginia pottery – you will not be supporting sweatshop labor by choosing Emerson Creek.

3) Our lead-free and cadmium-free ceramic dishes, bakeware and housewares are the work of human hands, not vast, polluting factory machines and assembly lines. One of the best ways for a company to ‘go green’ is to let people, not machines, take back the responsibility for performing important tasks. You can trust our potters to create products for you of a quality that no machine could ever hope to equal.

4) Our efforts to be an eco-friendly company are always growing. When your package from Emerson Creek Pottery arrives, you’ll be pleased to discover that your order is packed in recycled paper material for padding and cushioning. We do not use peanuts or bubble wrap of any kind. We also utilize UPS’ carbon-neutral program for all our web shipment orders.

5) In an effort to keep our planet green, our packing boxes are made up of 95% – recycled fibers, and can be recycled again.

6) We never mass-mail our print catalogs. We send them out only upon customer requests, and are thankful that the Internet offers us a tree-free way to do business with our customers who are concerned about preserving American forests.

7) Despite the delicate beauty of our ceramics, their durability ensures that your investment will be a lasting one. Poorly-made products create a throwaway culture. Investing in top quality housewares means not having to replace them after a few months or years of use. It’s a smart choice for any family budget.

8) Because Emerson Creek Pottery’s eco-friendly pottery is made of totally natural materials, they are a green home choice. With plastics filling our landfills up to the skies, it’s a relief to know that ceramics are still available as the time-honored, earth-friendly choice.

9) Unlike fussy china, our ceramic pottery doesn’t require special, time-consuming treatment. Wash it by hand if you like, with whatever soap you have on hand. Or, put it in the dishwasher – that’s fine, too. Emerson Creek Pottery’s ceramics can even go in the microwave. If you’re trying to simplify your life in order to find more time to focus on the things you care about most, our housewares are a carefree choice.

10) Getting back to the basic needs in life may be just about the quickest road to greater sanity that we know of. A simple and lovely platter for serving a meal to family…a useful and pretty pitcher for slaking summer thirst…a homey mug for that relaxing cup of tea with a good friend…these are the basics that make real life good. Emerson Creek Pottery is here to answer your needs for functional, appealing housewares for every room in your home.

Getting Non-toxic Pottery Facts Straight

Your best guarantee for safety lies in understanding this important issue. Unfortunately, a glance at the daily news shows us that the FDA is not currently succeeding in protecting Americans from the importation of home products that contain lead and other dangerous toxins. The ceramics you use at the table and in the kitchen are of especial concern.

Dishes, mugs, pitchers, pie plates, casseroles, platters, bowls and other wares that are imported from China, India, Mexico, South America and other foreign sources may contain lead, cadmium and other unhealthy minerals in their clay, paints and glazes. Additionally, as pretty as old pottery and china can be, lab studies have proven that many of the best known old brands have begun to leach lead with the passing years, making them unsafe for use around food. These are the problems that smart shoppers are now seeking to avoid and doctors and home decor publications are urging consumers to put their old dishes on display and find a non-toxic replacement for daily use.

Lead in pottery is a genuine concern. Lead gets into your food and beverages from contaminated china and pottery pieces in a variety of ways. There may be chips, cracks or corrosion that allow lead to leach into the food, or heating a lead-contaminated piece can cause leaching. Also, foods with a high acid content like citrus juice, tomatoes or coffee tend to activate the leaching of lead when they are stored in contaminated containers.

Cadmium is present in most of the pottery sold in the United States. Exposure can lead to damage of the lungs, kidneys and bones and can also cause cancer.

Vintage and imported housewares may be pretty, but lead poisoning certainly isn’t. When lead gets into the blood, it causes neurological, renal and cardiovascular damage and inhibits the normal, healthy growth of children. It’s something we all need to avoid. You can have your old or imported pottery tested for the presence of lead and other chemicals, but for most families, simply replacing doubtful wares is going to be the most reasonable route.

Emerson Creek Pottery offers you the safe solution to your concerns about housewares’ toxicity. Our pottery is free from lead and cadmium and is safe for daily use, serving, baking, storing, dishwasher and microwave use. Our pottery is completely handmade and handpainted using non-toxic, natural materials, right here in the USA. No part of our pottery-making process occurs outside of the United states, and we are committed to helping you serve up health, not danger, at every family meal.

Finding Green Home Products

Over the years, our potters have seen so many trends come and go. We’re hoping the green movement is going to be a lasting one, with its newfound sense of respect for the eco-friendly labor of skilled craftspeople and its commitment to finding safer ways to care for people’s needs.

We’ve been offering a planet-friendly choice for decades, and are delighted to see that our line of housewares is generating new excitement as growing numbers of Americans are eagerly seeking green options.

The study of Colonial pottery-making methods that originally led to the founding of our company seems to continue to offer important lessons for us all: that natural materials are the most valuable, that functional pieces win the greatest loyalty, that the traditional ways of crafting basic homemaking implements are often the best ways for so many good reasons.

We support your request for truly fine products and hope that the above information has helped you to see that when you choose Emerson Creek Pottery, you are supporting something of real value.