Moss Rose Cookie Stamp

Bring old world charm to your cookies with a classic Moss Rose cookie stamp.

Dimesions 3" Tall

Product Details Handcrafted and handpainted in Bedford, Virginia
Chemical free and non-toxic
Dishwasher, microwave and oven safe


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Gift Bag Dimensions: 8″x10.5″x5″

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Product Description

Have you been lucky enough to see a Moss Rose, perhaps growing in a conservatory or a wild old garden somewhere? Moss roses are unique for the mossy, balsam-scented texture of their buds, and the form of their richly pink blooms is something you won’t see in any modern hybrid. Moss roses are thought to have originated in China and have been prized in Europe since the 1800s. Our handcrafted ceramic Moss Rose Cookie Stamp captures the historic charm of this rare rose into a few delectable bites of your very best sugar cookies. Cookie stamping turns ordinary baked goods into gifts of distinction. Give our Moss Rose Cookie stamps as gifts to your favorite bakers and prepare to receive thank-you presents of the prettiest cookies in the world!

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