Dip Keepers or Dip Coolers are essential serving pieces to have on hand in the summer! Here is how they work…the “Dip Cooler” consists of two pieces, the actual bowl that the dip goes in and a surrounding container that “hugs” the dip bowl. Between these two bowls, you can add ice cubes or refreshable ice cubes (the reuseable type) and this will keep your dip cool for hours. Many dips call for mayonaise or other perishable ingredients so ensuring the dip is cool is a good idea for food safety.

Emerson Creek Pottery's Dip Cooler

But, why stop at just serving cold dips when you can use the same Dip Keeper or Dip Cooler for serving warm dips? Our “Dip Coolers” are made out of oven proof ceramic so you can actually bake your dip right in the bowl. Imagine a yummy hot spinach and artichoke dip or a con queso dip…and when the dip has finished baking, you can fill the outer bowl with hot water to keep your dip warm longer. The possibilities are endless when it comes to dips.

Here at Emerson Creek Pottery, we sell a variety of dips from Linda’s Garden located in Virginia. You can purchase them as gift sets with our “Dip Coolers” directly from our website. You can choose from Garlic Blend, Italian Blend, Spicy Veggie Blend, or Tarragon Blend dip mix. Sometimes I like to add canned tuna or chicken to the Tarragon Blend dip and serve it with crackers. These are wonderful to have on hand for last-minute guests or pot-luck dinners.

If you want to round out your presentation, try serving your crackers in one of our Emerson Creek Pottery Cracker Baskets. It is a nice way to have crackers or chips nearby in a coordinating serving dish.