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5 Reasons to Choose Ceramic for Your Bakeware

Pinecones Bakeware & Kitchenware by Emerson Creek

Choosing the cookware and bakeware for your kitchen is more complicated than just going to buy a couple of pots and pans. While you may get by for a bit with that mentality, when it comes to everyday cooking you want pots, pans and cookware that can stand up to the cooking you do for your family. Daily wear and tear can make those cheaper pots and pans disappear quickly, and they can also be a danger to the ones you’re cooking for.

Choosing ceramic dishes for your kitchen and ceramic bakeware for your cooking can help you to not only protect your family from chemicals, it is also a very eco-friendly route to go. Here are five reasons that you want to consider choosing ceramic bakeware for your cooking needs.


No Harmful Chemicals

As mentioned above some coated pans and pots emit chemicals into the food that you cooked for your family. Recent research has exposed this danger and prompted the big drive to get rid of elements such as PTFE (Polytetrafluoroethylene)

and PFOA (Perfluorooctanoic acid). Using ceramic in your kitchen removes the danger of harmful elements and gives you a safer way to cook items for your family.



Go Green

Taking care of the environment around you is very important, especially for the future generations. By using ceramic bakeware in your kitchen you’re taking a step in the right direction. These eco-friendly dishes are easy to use and help you to reduce the footprint your family is leaving behind.



Emerson Creek Pie Plate & Small Casserole


These pots and pans are naturally non-stick and offer the ability to cook your favorite dishes without added oils or fat. This helps you to reduce the unhealthy oils you may have previously utilized to cook your family’s meals. Because a lot of the meat and items you may be cooking already secrete fats when they are cooking, you do not have to add more to ceramic bakeware to keep it from sticking. This is a healthier alternative all the way around!




Very Versatile

Another huge benefit to ceramic bakeware in the kitchen is the fact that it can cook virtually anything you need to. It can be used in the oven, under the broiler and even in a toaster oven setting. You can even cook items on the grill outdoors if you need to. Excessive and abrupt temperature changes can cause shock and cracking. Do not move a ceramic bakeware dish straight from the refrigerator into a hot oven or on a grill. Allow the bakeware to adjust to room temperature before placing in a hot environment.

Many Styles to Choose From

One final benefit, although not the last, is the ability to choose the styles and patterns you want. Most cookware is flat silver or sometimes basic colors. However, with ceramic bakeware the options are limitless on what you can utilize to spice up your kitchen and your cooking. You can choose a variety of colors, patterns, and styles that fit your décor. Emerson Creek Pottery is Made in the USA. Lead & Cadmium Free. Handpainted & Handmade. Since 1977.


Four Tips on Choosing Your Dinnerware


Dragonfly Dinnerware, Tea Cups, Berry Bowl & Iced Tea Pitcher

One beautiful piece central to your kitchen and dining area is your dinnerware. This is what all of your guests will dine on, what you and your family will enjoy on a daily basis, and one element that makes hosting a meal a little easier. If you want to go green & sustainable with your family’s methods at home or you want to have beautiful heirloom pieces to last your lifetime, then ceramic dinnerware is your perfect solution.

The hard part comes in when you’re trying to decide on what type of dinnerware you want. There are many items to consider including number of dishes, type of dishes, and what colors and patterns you might want to have. To make this choice a little easier, here are four tips to help you choose your ceramic dinnerware for your home.


Consider the Ease of Use

When you’re cooking dinner or using your dishes, you want them to be easy to use and clean up. Sometimes you may need to heat something up in the microwave or you might just want to throw the dishes in the dishwasher and walk away. Make sure that you double check your ceramic dinnerware of choice to ensure it is dishwasher and microwave safe. This will be two key points in using your dinnerware on a daily basis. Emerson Creek is dishwasher, oven and microwave safe for your family.

Check Cupboards and Cabinet Size

There’s nothing more frustrating than getting your brand new ceramic dishes home to find they won’t fit in the cabinets or cupboard. Make sure that you are realistic when choosing your dinnerware and that you find items that will securely fit into your kitchen areas. This will help you to love your new items even more than you did in the store.


Lavender Dinnerware

Remember Parties

Do you enjoy having dinner parties at your home? Perhaps you host a regular family Sunday dinner each week and there are several members that show up. Either way, when you’re buying your ceramic dinnerware be sure you consider these events in the mix. You want to make sure you have enough pieces to cover everyone who may be coming to your dinner party. You may even want to consider having one set for your everyday use and then one larger matching set for parties and events.


Consider Open Stock

Field of Iris Sugar Jar, Creamer, Coupe Dinner & Salad Plates & Tea Cup

Open stock means that you can buy piece by piece instead of having to buy a structured set of dishes altogether. If you don’t need chili bowls or you don’t really want the dessert size plates, you can choose the right mixture of ceramic dinnerware for your home by choosing open stock purchasing. This is easy to do at Emerson Creek Pottery. They have a beautiful selection of a variety of ceramic dinnerware pieces in multiple patterns to fit perfectly to what your home needs.

Ceramic dishes and dinnerware items not only look beautiful on your table setting, they can also help you to reduce your waste and go green with your home. Discover a beautiful pattern today and make sure your table setting is always welcoming and beautiful.

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