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Ceramic Baby Dishes

Our Baby Dishes Are Your Safe Choice For A Plastic-Free Baby

Protect your children from toxic plastic and dangerous lead with our beautiful, USA-Made ceramic Children's Dinnerware.

Our baby tableware set of a darling baby dish, baby cup and baby bowl keeps mealtimes safe and healthy. The dangers of toxic plastic are making headlines, and nowhere is this more concerning than when it comes to babies and children.

For decades, manufacturers have marketed plastic baby tableware to parents, little suspecting that this could be hazardous to children's health. Recent scares with imported children's products have only added to parents' concerns about the safety of their kids' tableware.

Bring our USA-Made, lead-free, non-toxic ceramic baby dishes to the table and feel sane again about what ought to be the simple, loving action of feeding your little ones!

Our ceramic baby dishes are handmade and handpainted at Emerson Creek Pottery. All our ceramic pieces are always lead free.

How To Order Your
Personalized Baby Plate, Cup and Bowl Set

Choose from our Goldfish Baby Dishes Set or our Ladybug Baby Dishes Set. Then, in the Customer Comments field in the checkout, let us know your child's name so that we can personalize his or her mug (up to 10 letters) in this set of dishes. In this same field, if you specify a birthdate, such as 1/1/10, we can add that, too!

Why is plastic dangerous for babies and children?

If you've been hearing the news lately about plastic being harmful to babies, chances are, the stories you have encountered featured the presence of Bisphenol-A (BPA) in baby bottles. For over 70 years, scientists have known that BPA is an endocrine disruptor. It mimics estrogen and can cause a variety of serious human health issues including cancers, reproductive health disorders and obesity - legacies no loving parent would knowingly wish for their child. BPA leaches out of plastic, especially when it is heated, as in the case of dishwashing, microwaving or serving a heated liquid or food. If you're anything like us, you're probably asking, "Well if scientists have known about this for 70 years, what on earth is BPA doing in baby bottles?"

It seems to us as though the trouble with plastics is that, despite the fact that science has been aware of their perils for generations, it's only recently that anyone has really started to take those perils seriously. Until now, the goals of industry have been given precedence over your right to be able to find safe, healthy housewares and goods for your family. We're very glad to see this changing in America as smarter citizens demand safe products.

BPA is just one of the toxic components in modern plastics. Many types of plastic, and the manufacture of them, have been found contaminating our air, our water and our bodies. First invented in a laboratory in 1862, plastics are a relative newcomer to the human family scene, but in that short amount of time, they have taken a very heavy toll on our landfills, oceans and health. Marketed as convenient and cheap, plastic has caused us to pay a price that few of us really understood. Now we have the knowledge we need to make wiser choices for our children and ourselves.

And it isn't just plastics we've recently become concerned about. Over the past few years, America has suffered one health scare after another over toxic, imported products. Toxic metals have been especially alarming in children's lunchboxes and toys and conscientious parents are opting to do their own research these days rather than simply relying on the work of trade agencies to keep kids safe. But, you may be feeling a little overwhelmed by your efforts to raise a plastic-free child and also protect him or her from dangerous metals. What choices do you have left?

Enter Ceramic - The Time-Honored, Non-Toxic Choice

For an estimated 30,000 years, human beings have made the necessities of life - as well as beautiful works of art - out of ceramics. Nothing could be smarter, greener or saner than eating vessels made right out of the great earth. When you set a set of ceramic dishes before your child, you are serving up tradition and good sense.

To be safe using ceramics as your choice of material for baby dishes and any children's dinnerware, be absolutely certain it is lead-free. All Emerson Creek Pottery is made in the USA of lead-free ceramic clay and is non-toxic. It is microwave and dishwasher safe and is an excellent choice for your child's first set of dishes.

Other safe alternatives include glass and American-made stainless steel. Taking plastic and suspicious metals out of your home may seem limiting at first, but we hope that the ceramic baby dish sets we've created will convince you that you've got great, safe options to choose from for your family.

Honoring Children's Need For Real Goods

We've noticed that the advent of a world of plastics for children seemed to coincide with new attitudes about raising youngsters. These new attitudes hinged on setting children apart in a world of their own, jam-packed with hi-tech products exploding with noise, crazy colors and blinking lights. It's almost as if, somewhere along the line, manufacturers and marketers decided that children were some type of different species that needed to be overwhelmed with stimuli in order to be happy. Many of us have had the opportunity to notice that most children actually get more mileage out of a set of wooden blocks than they do out of this year's hottest throw-away plastic toy.

More importantly, caring adults have noticed that babies and children are happiest when they are being allowed to fully participate in family life. Eating, playing and working at great projects alongside adults is what helps little ones grow to recognize themselves as an important part of the human family. Have you ever noticed how toddlers want nothing more than to get to do what you're doing? Whether that's sweeping the floor, making dinner or planting something in the garden, the heart of a child seems happiest when it's included in the everyday tasks of making home a good place to live.

Our ceramic children's dinnerware offers you a chance to honor your child's need for real goods - just like the ones the big kids and grownups are using! Rather than buying into the false belief that children need cheap, substitute plastic products, why not purchase something handmade, safe and genuine that will show your child that you think he or she is worthy of real goods? The potters at Emerson Creek Pottery definitely believe your child deserves this kind of quality.

What About Breakage?

One of plastic's most convincing selling points has been that it doesn't break if dropped on the floor. Of course, this is also the reason we're having such a problem with it in landfills! Though our ceramic baby dish, baby bowl and baby cup sets are made of very sturdy ceramic, we're not going to try to sell you on this with the plastic 'advantage' of being indestructible. If baby is left unsupervised and decides he has had it with strained carrots and throws his plate on the floor, yes, it just might break. Our advice to concerned parents - eat with your baby! Don't set him off on his own to eat. That's not appetizing or sociable for anyone, and we bet you can head off plate-throwing at the table if you're enjoying meals alongside your little one.

Our Commitment To Your Family's Safety

Emerson Creek Pottery is one of America's last domestic commercial pottery houses. We are located where you live - in the USA - in a pretty little town called Bedford, Virginia. We can see the Blue Ridge Mountains from our pottery shop and we want to keep them beautiful while keeping our neighbors safe and healthy. Read more about our green business practices.

In our own simple way, we have made a commitment to your family's well-being by offering you non-toxic, domestic-made housewares. Your purchase of baby dishes from Emerson Creek Pottery not only supports the economy your family lives in, but it also makes the statement that you want healthy goods to choose from. So long as Americans continue to ask for lead-free, plastic-free, non-toxic Emerson Creek Pottery ceramics, we'll keep crafting them. We're committed to giving you sensible options.

A Little Bit More About Our Baby Dishes

These children's dinnerware sets were designed and crafted with usefulness in mind!

The Safe Baby Dish The Safe Baby Dish
Just the right size for a child's portion of tasty food, the ceramic baby plate has a slightly raised rim that keeps food on the dish and off baby's clothes!

The Safe Baby Cup The Safe Baby Cup
This chunky little baby mug has an easy-to-grasp, rounded handle that fits small hands perfectly. Though our baby cups are made of sturdy ceramic, they are surprisingly lightweight and easy for children to lift for a sip.

The Safe Baby Bowl The Safe Baby Bowl
Oatmeal, here we come! The trusty, wide rim on our baby bowl not only helps to keep food inside the bowl instead of...well...all over baby, but it also helps keep the bowl nicely balanced on tray or table.

Which pattern will your child love best? Cheerful little Ladybug or swimmingly happy Goldfish? You know best. And don't forget to tell us your child's name in the appropriate field during checkout if you would like your baby dish set personalized. Include a birthdate and we'll handpaint that on, too!

Purchase the Goldfish Baby Dishes | Purchase the Ladybug Baby Dishes

Wishing your family safe and happy eating with Emerson Creek Pottery!

What Our Customers Say:

Baby Dishes Testimonial

It was not hard for me to pick my favorite Emerson Creek dish!  My mother-in-law (originally from Bedford Virginia) got me hooked on Emerson Creek Pottery.  She sent these adorable monogrammed mugs to our girls (Bailey Jane 1, and Lainey 3).  We enjoy regular Tea Parties with them. In the picture, Bailey is hosting the party and pouring the tea for her big sister.
Jared McGhee

Safe Kids Dishes Testimonial

Isn't she gorgeous? This is my daughter's favorite cup, and my favorite photo. We love hand crafted, and made in America products and Emerson Creek provides that!
K. Perrine

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