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Iced Tea Pitchers

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Posie Pitchers

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Ceramic Iced Tea Pitchers

Ceramic Pottery Pitchers: Handmade in the USA

Serve your family delicious and refreshing drinks all year long with one of Emerson Creek's handmade ceramic pitchers. Choose your favorite from our elegant, handcrafted collection.

Just imagine the faces of your family lighting up as you bring them frosty drinks on the front porch, served from our beautiful ceramic iced tea pitcher. Our ceramic posie pitcher has a variety of uses - make yourself a delightful single serving of your favorite beverage, or use it as a lovely alternative to an ordinary vase!

Available in all of our handcrafted designs that have made us so popular with our customers since 1977, our pottery pitchers are handmade in the USA from non-toxic, lead-free clay. Dishwasher and microwave safe, your ceramic pitcher from Emerson Creek Pottery will quickly become a family favorite piece in your home.

Ceramic Iced Tea Pitchers
Bring back those bygone days of sitting around the porch on a warm summer day, enjoying a cold glass of iced tea served from an old-fashioned ceramic pitcher. Our iced tea pitchers recall memories of those simpler, honest times when life moved slower and things tasted better. With 54 ounces of room, these ceramic pitchers will hold a generous amount of tea for your whole family to enjoy - and you can't beat the American-made quality of these handcrafted vessels, produced from lead-free, non-toxic clay at our pottery!

Ceramic Posie Pitchers
Looking for a elegant gift for someone special? Our posie pitcher is a lovely piece of our handcrafted pottery that is useful in a number of different ways. While certainly a delightful little ceramic pitcher to use for a single serving of a cold beverage, why not use it in place of a standard vase to add interest to a botanical display? Or, fill it with your best real maple syrup and set it on your family weekend breakfast table along with your platters of sausage and hotcakes!

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