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Ceramic Pie Plates

Ceramic Pie Plates: American Made in Virginia

Get out your flour, rolling pin, sugar and best fruit of the season - it's time for pie! Start baking this most American of desserts with one of our beautifully handmade ceramic pie plates, just right for baking pies and other tasty treats.

Honestly, what could be more American than baking and serving a hot apple pie using one of Emerson Creek Pottery's ceramic pie plates, made in the USA? In some places across our country, people serve pie three times a day, filled with ingredients ranging from sweet and fruity to meaty and savory! Our forefathers established pie early on in Colonial times as the American dish of choice when it came to dessert. Whether you're baking up a storm for the holidays, or looking for a pie dish for use throughout the year, we have a selection of ceramic pie plates that are proudly crafted by hand at our Bedford, VA pottery.

Glazed Pie Plates
Each of our glazed pie plates has a frilly edge.

Iris Pie Plate

Copper Clay Pie Plate

Tuscan Olive Pie Plate

American Blue Pie Plate

American Blue Pie Plate

Blue Crab Pie Plate

Pinecone Pie Plate

Lavender Pie Plate

Cranberry Pie Plate

Blueberry Pie Plate

Dragonfly Pie Plate

Red Poppy Pie Plate

Go Green Pie Plate

Summer Peaks Pie Plate

Unglazed Pie Plates
Each of our unglazed pie plates has a flat edge.

Huckleberry Unglazed Pie Plate

Raspberry Unglazed Pie Plate

Herb Green Unglazed Pie Plate

Hazelnut Unglazed Pie Plate

When you buy from Emerson Creek, you're investing in the highest quality domestic pottery that is available anywhere, handcrafted using time-honored Colonial techniques in the Blue Ridge Mountains of Virginia. We take pride in making each of these pieces by hand from non-toxic, lead-free clay and have been bringing Americans true craftsmanship in our pottery since 1977.