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Ceramic Kitchenware

Ceramic Kitchen Sets: Pasta Bowls, Frilly Bowls and Serving Bowls

Warm up the welcome in your kitchen with our beautiful gourmet ceramic kitchen sets.

Get cooking your famous red sauce or pesto and present dinner to your family in one of our beautiful ceramic pasta bowls. Serve up elegance in your homemade hearty soups or ice cream sundaes with our little frilly ceramic bowls. Our large ceramic serving bowls are a fantastic centerpiece to your family dinner table, perfect for presentation of main courses or big salads.

Handmade right here in the USA? You bet! Emerson Creek Pottery is located in the Blue Ridge Mountains of Virginia, and our potters have been making handcrafted ceramic kitchen sets since 1977. Non-toxic, lead-free and safe for use in ovens, microwaves and dishwashers.

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Ceramic Pasta Bowls
While our handcrafted pasta bowls are terrific for those famous Italian main dishes, don't let your ideas stop at spaghetti and meatballs! These generously large ceramic bowls are also great for family-sized salads, a big bowl of chips for the whole gang at your Superbowl party, or for mixing bread dough. 100% handmade here in the USA!

Ceramic Serving Bowls
Make a great big fresh salad with plenty of farm-fresh vegetables, mix in your best tangy homemade salad dressing, toss and serve in our handsome ceramic serving bowl! These large serving bowls are shallow and wide, just the right dimensions for setting a salad or main course at the center of your family's dinner table. Available in all of our colors and designs to suit your home decor, from flowery Lavender and Iris to earthy Copper Clay, American Blue and Go Green.

Ceramic Frilly Bowls
This isn't your ordinary pottery bowl! Our little ceramic frilly bowls are a specialty of Emerson Creek Pottery - designed small for individual servings, but with a frilled rim for use on elegant or special occasions. These little bowls are just right for serving ice cream or other desserts to your family, or try using them to hold tasty cream dips or salsas for the next game day! Get festive with our frilly bowls, 100% handmade with pride in the USA.

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