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Ceramic Dinner Coupe Plates

Dinner Coupe Plates: Handmade in the USA

With it's elegant, concave, rimless design, the coupe plate has a slim profile in the table setting.

Mix and match our dinner coupe plates and salad coupe plates for gorgeous service. Pair Blueberry or Iris with American Blue for a stunning blue and white presentation, or take a more rustic approach with Tuscan Olive paired with Go Green or Pinecone paired with Copper Clay. Go with a single design line, or follow the modern cues of varying dinnerware pieces for heightened visual interest. And know that, unlike the imports you'll encounter almost everywhere else, Emerson Creek Pottery's coupe plates are made in the USA of safe, lead-free ceramic. Beauty and safety go hand in hand with all our handmade pottery products.

All of our dinner coupe plates are safe for you to use in the oven, dishwasher and microwave.

Iris Dinner Dinner Coupe Plate

Copper Clay Dinner Coupe Plate

Tuscan Olive Dinner Coupe Plate

American Blue Dinner Coupe Plate

Blue Crab Dinner Coupe Plate

Pinecone Dinner Coupe Plate

Lavender Dinner Coupe Plate

Cranberry Dinner Coupe Plate

Blueberry Dinner Coupe Plate

Dragonfly Dinner Coupe Plate

Red Poppy Dinner Coupe Plate

Go Green Dinner Coupe Plate

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