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Ceramic Apple Bakers

Ceramic Apple Bakers: Handmade in the USA

Anyone who loves to bake individual apples for dessert will love the ease of use of our handmade apple bakers! These ceramic bakers are a real find for those who love to make this old-fashioned treat.

Just core your apple, fill with your choice of nuts, seeds, spices, butter, sugar or other garnishes and bake at 350 until soft and delicious! The small cone in the center of each apple baker ensures that the apple cooks thoroughly and evenly, inside as well as out. From oven to table, our ceramic apple bakers are both a perfectly-shaped bakeware treasure and a charming serving piece. Choose from a variety of lovely hand painted patterns. An excellent hostess gift.

All of our ceramic apple bakers are made right here in the USA from non-toxic, lead-free American clay and are entirely safe to use in your oven, microwave or dishwasher. See further apple baker tips.

Iris Apple Baker

Copper Clay Apple Baker

Tuscan Olive Apple Baker

American Blue Apple Baker

Dogwood Apple Baker

Onyx Black Apple Baker

Pinecone Apple Baker

Lavender Apple Baker

Cranberry Apple Baker

Blueberry Apple Baker

Dragonfly Apple Baker

Red Poppy Apple Baker

Go Green Earthware Apple Baker

Apple Baker Recipe Apple Baker Recipes
Since colonial times, Americans have been baking apples as an easy, wholesome and scrumptious dessert. Traditional baked apples are filled with a mixture of goodies from the following categories:


- Chopped almonds
- Chopped hazelnuts
- Chopped walnuts
- Chopped pecans
- Sunflower seeds


- Cinnamon
- Ginger
- Cloves
- Nutmeg
- Mace


- White or Brown cane sugar
- Maple Syrup
- Honey
- Molasses
- A flavored fruit syrup such as blackberry or blueberry
- Jelly, jam, preserves, chutneys or conserves

Choose a combination of any of the above ingredients and your baked apples will be tasty. Some people also dot the apple with butter, but this is optional. Depending on the size of your apple, it will typically bake in about 20-30 minutes in an oven set to 350. Your choice of apples will depend on what's available locally. Many people prefer tart apples for baking - try Gravensteins, Granny Smiths or a regional heirloom apple with a crisp, tart flesh. However, baking apples can turn even those less-complex but widely available Golden Delicious or Red Delicious apples into a gourmet treat. For a great big baked apple, try a Fuji. For something daintier, hunt up Jonathans or Pippins. For a grown-ups-only dessert, try sprinkling your mixture with a few drops of brandy or other liquor.

When I was growing up, we ate our apples hot from the oven, garnished with heavy cream or ice cream. Your opportunities for dressing up your baked apples are almost limitless, but did you know that our Apple Bakers are a natural for baked stuffed vegetables, too?

Baked Tomato with Bleu Cheese Using Your Apple Baker for Savory Dishes
Pictured at right is a baked tomato stuffed with blue cheese dressed with olive oil and Italian seasonings. A glorious summer dish on a hot day. Or, use the unique shape of our apple baker as the perfect dish for baking those round 8 Ball zucchinis, called Rond de Nice, that have showed up at Farmers' Markets over in recent years. Fill with cooked herbed rice, chopped tomato and garlic. Or, try a baked stuffed sweet onion! Fill with a sweet/savory mixture of cooked rice that has been sauteed with grated carrots, sage, caraway seed, salt, pepper and dried currants. Extremely good!

We hope you'll quickly come to enjoy the multi-purpose uses of this functional, pretty apple baker and will bring it to the table with pride.


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