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Celtic Knotwork Shortbread Pan

Shortbread Pan - Celtic Knotwork

Dimensions: 11.5" x 9"
Price: $34.95 | Quantity:
Comes with gift box and recipe book

Take your tea Irish style with the buttery cookies turned out perfectly by this traditional shortbread mold.

This lead-free and cadmium-free ceramic shortbread pan creates 8 embossed and utterly mouthwatering shortbread cookies. Designed by Brown Bag ® and handcrafted here in Virginia, these shortbread pans are your key to ultimate success in making shortbread the authentic way.

Celtic Knotwork Shortbread Pan

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The Irish are credited with saving civilization when Dark Ages monks turned their monasteries into repositories of the manuscripts and knowledge rescued from the sacking of Rome. Not content to merely re-educate the European world, the creative monks embellished their teachings and writings with fantastical knotwork motifs, adding a touch of beauty that has been celebrated through the ages. With intricate knotwork designs adapted from the famous Irish Book of Kells, this shortbread pan produces utterly mouthwatering cookies that are as welcome any day as they are on St. Patrick's Day. Buttery treats can be whipped up in a snap with this useful and beautiful ceramic shortbread pan.

Shortbread Pan - Celtic Knotwork

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Our pottery is lead-free and cadmium-free and is safe for daily use, serving, baking, storing, dishwasher and microwave use. Our pottery is completely handmade and handpainted using non-toxic, natural materials, right here in the USA. Read more about our non-toxic, eco-friendly pottery here.

All our ceramic bakeware is handmade and handpainted at Emerson Creek Pottery. All pieces are microwave and dishwasher safe, ovenproof, and lead free.

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